Your Personal Style as Interior Design Idea

designing your interiorYou want to hint at your personality, and show glimpses of your stylish brilliance. Your home should reflect your hobbies, interests, extensive education, and fashion sense.

Being original, and creating personalized home interior decor require some research. Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, Homes and Gardens, House and Garden and FIT Properties are all great magazines for starters. Architectural Digest is also very impressive to leave lounging on the coffee table.

Travel magazines are also inspiring. Iconic films may prove helpful, such as the table settings in The Age of Innocence, the New York loft apartment in Friends, Hepburn in the library in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the opening scene of Sabrina (the Hepburn version, obviously).

High Society is also great to tune into, with Amadeus, and Merchant Ivory pictures good for period dress and historical ideas.

Obviously, as a jet-setting frequent traveler, your home will be decorated with pieces gathered from the far-flung places you have visited. Imagine your home is being filmed a TV program.

You want to hint at your personality, and show glimpses of your stylish brilliance.

Your home should reflect your hobbies, interests, extensive education (books are so much more than decorative) and fashion sense (style on hat stand as well as in the, ideally, walk-in closet).

Above all, your home should demonstrate an eye for color. It may be chic to wear head-to-toe black but different rules apply in the home. When decorating, a different ‘you’ is called for.

Aspire to make your home as unique as Versailles and as lavish as Buckingham Palace, yet as comfortable as a much loved pair of slippers.

Ensure that you have good taste, good feng shui, and good house-warming soirees. Gifts are great to help you along the way.

Decide on a color or a theme and spread it throughout the house; this doesn’t have to be rigid, but should reflect your personality. Let the personality of the property also have a voice in the decor.

Mix old with new, antiques with junk, but above all keep it original.

Ideally decorate before you call the the moving companies, but at very least decide what should go where before you have moving-day chaos. Decide what will be the feature of the room, and enhance it.

Mirrors make a room bigger, dark colors on the ceiling sink them down.

Collect pine cones, shells, old stones and bleached wood; the ‘natural’ art thing doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard and it is free as well as being interesting.

Frame pictures and decide where the telly, the comfy chair and the bed go, and fit the rest round this.

Buy a grandfather clock; the tick-tock sounds like a heart beat, and, once you get used to it, it will stop annoying you and make your home feel tranquil.

Alternatively, take up the piano, or an instrument, but that is neighbors and space permitting.

Moving is the time to be ruthless and have a sentimental spring clean. Get rid of old clutter. But do not forget you are not a robot, nor should you live in a sterile environment.

A squishy chair you can curl up on to watch the telly is essential. Your home needs to be inviting, but not too inviting: guests who won’t leave can be exhausting on a hostess.

The balance you are striving for is: 10 per cent mood; 10 per cent personality; 20 per cent comfort and 50 per cent style.

Make your new place tidy, yet comfortable; you can look at show homes, but should never live in them.

Remember that clothes can be great as wall hangings, chiffon scarves can adorn sofas and shoes can be doorstops. Be creative.

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